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Friday, 23 November 2012

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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Ape Yang Best Membela Haiwan Ni?

Korang suka tak haiwan? Ade bela haiwan tak? Tak kisah lah haiwan ape pon tapi yang klasik biasanya KUCING la.. this post is different from my other post.. asyik bercerita tentang jalan-jalan makan angin jer (kalo setiap masa pn pegi jalan2 bankrupt ler jawabnye) so this time nak cite pasal haiwan perliharaan pulak.... like me, i have experience membela ARNAB, HAMSTER, STAR TORTOISE, and KUCING!

Ok i have to admite it that i really LOVE CAT! nak tau nape? sbb kucing ni haiwan yang paling mudah untuk dibela dan tak memerlukan kos yang tinggi and they are also very LOYAL to their owner. Ye la, cube pikir balik ea, bela kucing ni bole lepas kan je. tapi bile tiba masanya dorang ni pandai balik rumah. x de la pulak dorang nak lari kan diri ke ape.. cube kalo burung, lepaskan dari sangkar CONFIRM lesap tak muncul-muncul da... hamster pon camtu (ade pengalaman kehilangan hamster sebab tak tutup rapat sangkarnya).. like my cats ( I have 2 cats, male and female, ABU and IRIS), dorang ni time siang akan main puas-puas kat luar, tapi bila malam around 10pm macam tu dorang akan terpacul je kat dalam rumah sebab dorang ni jenis yang tido dalam rumah (dalam air cond lagi). kalo dorang balik lambat pon dorang akan carik jalan masuk yang lain. biasanya dorang akan panjat ikut tingkap bilik and mengeow mintak tingkap dibukak. pandai pulak tu,tau jer ade orang dalam bilik tu..

Iris - Mencari Jalan Keluar..
ok another thing about CATS, dorang ni sangat pandai amik hati and pandai to act CUTE! ade je telatah yang dorang nak tunjukkan and kadang-kadang ade jer skill baru yang dorang akan SHOW OFF. like ABU and IRIS, eventhough dorang ni tak de pertalian darah pon tapi dorang ni memang BEST FRIEND dari kecik lagi. Dorang ni SEBAYA around 3 YEARS OLD.. dedua da dimandulkan demi KESIHATAN dan KESELAMATAN dorang. ABU almost die about a year ago so my MOM have made decision to CASTRADE (for male) him, since that ABU da jadi makin GEMOK and AKTIF... for IRIS pulak, die terpaksa di mandulkan sebab kecederaan die masa die kecik dulu.. IRIS ni memang tak pernah duduk diam, suka sangat melompat sana sini and kejar ape jer yang begerak depan die until one day about 3 years back, die balik umah terhencut-hencut and trus duduk on my lap.. then i took her to VET. through the X-TRAY i can see her PELVIC bone is out of line.. therefore, IRIS could never able to GIVE BIRTH as this could cause DEATH to her.. so dari situ terpaksa la mandulkan die.. but i think it is a wise decision i've ever made.. until now IRIS and ABU become more and more ACTIVE macam anak kucing.... memang tak akan pernah bosan selagi IRIS and ABU ade di depan mata....

IRIS and ABU - ade jer aktiviti dorang ni.. nak tau ape yang drg tgh kerjakan tu? tengok gambar dibawah..

Sampai lembik mengkarung ni dikerjakan.. tapi happy tengok IRIS and ABU sentiasa ACTIVE and HAPPY!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Day 3 - Our last day at Mabul Island.. we got up early in the morning, took our breakfast and then we walk around the island.. There are a no of jetty which there.. beneath of the jetty u can already see all the coral on the sea floor as the water is CRYSTAL CLEAR... the view is also fascinating!

View of the Sipadan Sea Venture - Heaven for DIVER!
He really like to pose like a model

Look for the SQUID at a SHALLOW area
Native kids having their MORNING BATH
Hubby with his STARFISH
In the afternoon we headed toward the KAPALAI ISLAND.. you dont want to miss this island when u visited MABUL as this ISLAND is and EXTRAORDINARY ISLAND... i have uploaded some of the photo of this island in my previous post... if at MABUL ISLAND we had a chance to swim with LION FISH and SEA TURLE, this time we have a chane to swim with STING RAYS and a group of BARRACUDA and a lot more of large size fish!!!! AGAIN it is AWESOME!!!! if only we has an underwater camera to capture all those moments.....

That evening we pack all our things to leave MABUL ISLAND.... but we will definitely come back there someday!

heading back to SEMPORNA

When we arrived at SEMPORNA we check in at SIPADAN INN and without any delay we start to wondering around the SEMPORNA town. Hubby very excited when he see the boat station there (normally we only have bus station or taxi station)... LOL...


The next day we took a BUS RIDE and headed back to TAWAU town.. the fare is only RM10 per head!!! it is an EXECUTIVE COACH and each of the passengers is provided with a bottle of mineral water... We took our dinner again at the SEAFOOD spot before we headed back to TAWAU AIRPORT with a local CAB where the fare is only RM40.00.......... THE END

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Day 2 - We woke up early in the morning, get some breakfast and headed to SEMPORNA town by cab. The journey took us about 1 hour and 30 min. When we arrive there, we check-in our self at ARUNG HAYAT RESORT office where they already waiting for us. Without any delay we hope on the boat and headed to MABUL ISLAND!!!! I can see a very happy smile on my hubby face as this is actually his first time in SABAH and also his first time to a VACATION ISLAND!


Arriving at MABUL ISLAND
Arrived at MABUL ISLAND, we were greet with a warm and friendly enviroment. There are a no of people who is also having their vacation there. We had our lunch that afternoon and waited for our 1st trip to go for SNORKELLING (which is also hubby's first time)...

That evening we went to snokelling around MABUL ISLAND.. even though this was my 2nd time snorkelling there, but i could never get bored as the scenery under there is totally different from my first time. We even saw 2 LION FISH!!!! so excited!!!! what more excited is that we had our chance to swim with a SEA TURTLE!!!!! Amazing experience.. but what more excited is that we also had been chased by a TRIGGER FISH! the size was quite big. luckily i realize it and manage to kick the fish away from us ( u dont want to get bitten by this fish) but the fish keep coming back and we have to swim further from there. Luckily the guy who escorting us was just nearby. We can see how he fought with this fish until this fish giving up. Actually, it is all his fault as he took the fish eggs which is located in between of the coral on the sea floor. That is why the fish get so fierceful.. but it is still a great memory to remember!

Titan Trigger Fish - This is the fish that chase us!

Just look at those TOOTH!

 That night we hang around at SCUBA JUNKIE RESORT with some of our new friends which we met there. and again i was surprise when i get to know that he is also from my hometown and end up working on that island..... Continue in part 3...

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Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Hi all.. This will be my first update for the year of 2012.

On 21-24 of April 2012 once again i've repeated my trip to MABUL ISLAND but this time i went there with my beloved HUBBY.. Ok actually we just went to MABUL for 2 days 1 nite only (it is only a small island so not much activity can be done there unless u r a diver)..

Day 1 - we arrived at TAWAU airport around 6pm (its already dark there). From the airport we took an airport cab to our hotel which is the King Park hotel. The fare was RM45.00 which i think it is very reasonable as the journey took us about 45min to reach the hotel. We have a very nice chat with the taxi driver which is very friendly indeed. He even show us the popular spot to get a very nice SEAFOOD (my fav) which is facing the sea. I also ask him for a tip to get to SEMPORNA from TAWAU (here u can say the accomodation n food is cheap, but u will want to be careful in choosing your transportation as in can be so damn expensive). The nice guy told us that if we are not careful, we can be charged up to RM300 for a one way journey.. Fuhhh that is lot of money more expensive then our flight ticket!! But we are lucky as the driver is willing to offer us for only RM120 to go there and he also advise us to get on a bus to get back to TAWAU (we need to go to SEMPORNA early in the morning to catch up with the boat. Thats why we have to take the cab). Phheww.. soon we arrive at our hotel.The King Park hotel is located at the HEART of TAWAU town.. That nite we walk toward the SEAFOOD spot where the cab drive has showed to us before. It is only within walking distance from our hotel.. There are a number of restaurant which u can choose by ur own. We choose a MALAY restaurant which offer seafood and DEER soup (SUP RUSA).. SURPRISINGLY the lobster price here is only RM7 for 100g. Wow.. No way to get this price back at the PENINSULAR.. After the meal we headed back to our hotel to take our rest before start tomorrow adventure.. So excited!! (especially hubby. Hard to get him to sleep that nite. Over excited)

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been awhile...

Roses from Hubby on our 1st Anniversary Honeymoon (Damai Laut - Ipoh - Cameron Highland - Sungkai Hot Spring)

It has been awhile since my last update.. Im too busy with lot of things happening at my surroynfing. Anyway i'll try to update regularly from now on..

Actually i already miss some of my vacation. But nvm... There is alot to come.. Just wait for it. And i will also try to give as much travelling as i can eapecially those who need a pleasant vacation but with a limited budget... Chills~

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Monday, 21 November 2011

trip to Broga Hill 20 nov'11

Best Picture EVER!

Today i have to take MC as im hvng toothache. Huhu sakitnye... Yg nympah tu doc still ckp there's nothing problem with my tooth. Maybe ade problem dgn akar gigi ni. Kene monitor la plak gigi ni.. Huhu..

Entrance to BROGA HILL

Anyway, yesterday i have another trip with my in law. This time we went to BROGA HILL after so much we heard about it. Even Dr. Muzaffar n Dr. Helena took their wedding pic here. We start our journey at 500am and arrive there around 630am. It is still dark when we arrive there. Lupa pulak, BROGA HILL ni teletak di Semenyih. Just follow the Nottingham Uni signboard and u will even pass by the uni. U will also have to park your car at the oil palm estate which is the entrance to the hill.

From there we start our journey on foot through a challenging path.. But we manage to pass through it successfully n reach the top after 30min walking (have to make a lot of stop)..

The Sun Is Almost Arise

The scenery at the top of the hill is so fascinating.. It's like we are no longer in Malaysia.. Macam tak percaya Malaysia ade tempat macam ni.. Tersangat sangat cantik..

For those who love adventure, boleh la pergi sini.. but to get the best scenery make sure u reach the top before the sun arise...
Hubby and me...

Merenung Masa Depan

Nature Stage

My In Law

The Sun is RISING...


I wanna Rainbow too...

End Our Adventure For Today...

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